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Case 1 Neck Pain

Patient presents to DC complaining of non-specific neck discomfort. No history of prior carcinoma, trauma, surgery or corticosteroids/opioid regimen. What is your diagnosis? (mouse over

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Case 3 – Left Ankle

A 19-year-old male presents to a DC office complaining of non-specific left ankle discomfort—no prior history of trauma, surgery, carcinoma, or corticosteroid/opioid regimen.

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Case 9- Non-specific LBP

81 yo/female patient presents with non-specific LBP. No prior  carcinoma or corticosteroid regimen. What do you see? The medullary portion of L4 shows an elongated

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Case 11- Non-specific LBP

35 yo/female patient presents with non-specific LBP. This is a continuation of our prior case. No prior trauma,  surgeries,  carcinoma, or corticosteroid regimen.  

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Case 15- neck discomfort.

50 yo/M patient presents with non-specific neck discomfort. No prior trauma,  surgeries,  carcinoma orcorticosteroid/opioid regimen reported. What do you see? Cervical spine- lateral Cervical spine-

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Case 17- FOOSH type injury

FOOSH type injury on left.   No prior trauma, surgeries,  carcinoma  or corticosteroid/opioid regimen reported. What do you see? PA view of left wrist. A transversely

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