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Case 7- Left SI Discomfort

Post-MVA, the male patient presents with left SI discomfort. No prior surgeries, carcinoma, or corticosteroid regimen.

siNail- Case #6

Traditional method of SI fixation. Case #7

iFUSION: 3 triangular, cannulated titanium screws are inserted.

The iFUSE implant is designed for SI joint fusion. Its rods -with their triangular shape-ideally eliminates rotational motion and its porous surface is designed to promote osteoblastic function. (1)

Although the goal of SI joint surgery for treatment of LBP is to obtain durable fusion and stability, few studies provide data on patient imaging and none provide evidence of image-confirmed fusion over the long term.

One study with imaging found that 80% of patients displayed bony ingrowth of the iFUSE implants at 1 year post-fusion. As always more evidence of fusion rates is needed.(2)

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