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FOOSH type injury on left.  

No prior trauma, surgeries,  carcinoma  or corticosteroid/opioid regimen reported.

What do you see?

PA view of left wrist.

A transversely oriented radiolucency is present at the distal portion of the radial styloid process.

PA close up of left wrist.

The close up view shows a vertical vertical fracture line with soft tissue swelling adjacent to the ulnar styloid process. Intra-articular extension is a worrisome radiographic concern.
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Lateral view of the left wrist showing dorsal displacement.

Distal radial styloid fracture considerations:

  • Is there osteopenia ?
  • Is there soft-tissue injury?
  • Is the fracture simple or comminuted?
  • Is there intraarticular (radiocarpal or distal radioulnar joint involvement)?
  • Is there displacement? Is there abnormal dorsal or, less likely, volar tilt of the articular surface?
  • Is there subluxation or dislocation of the distal radioulnar joint?
  • Is there fracture of the ulnar styloid?

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