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Case 8- Left wrist discomfort

20 yo/F presents with left wrist discomfort ~ 12 months duration. Left ulnar N distribution discomfort that awakes her. No prior surgeries, carcinoma or corticosteroid regimen. Case #8

Nodular density- proximal to left hypothenar region. Case #8

Semi-supinated view of the left wrist (Norgaard’s position)

What do you see?

Nodular density- proximal to left hypothenar region.

Bone or soft tissue?

Oblique view of left wrist.

Questionable density seen on volar aspect with wrist with distal ulnar resorption.

Semi-supinated view of the left wrist
(Norgaard’s position)

Radiographic features: exostosis with chondroid matrix, parent
cortex continuous with lesion. All features consistent with
osteochondroma of volar left wrist.


Once the degree of encasement of the osteochondroma was verified with imaging, surgical intervention resulted in a successful clinical outcome.

Osteochondroma represents the most common bone tumor is an aberration of enchondral ossification, NOT a true neoplasm. (1) Complications include: cosmetic and osseous deformity fracture, neurologic sequlae as in our case.


  • Bony protrusion covered by a cartilaginous cap.
  • Growth in childhood takes place in the cap, corresponding to normal enchondral growth at the growth plates.
  • A thick cartilaginous cap in an adult is suspicious of chondrosarcoma.
  1. Sep 1, 2000
    Imaging of Osteochondroma: Variants and Complications with Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation

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