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Expert Imaging Interpretation

The quality of the consultative services by the chiropractic radiologist in independent practice is reflected by the quality of their professional credentials. Chiropractic radiologists recommend, supervise, and interpret radiologic studies as well as advanced imaging procedures. Make an Appointment Stuart, Florida 772-202-2013 Follow Us Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

Timely Reports

Our reports are done in a timely fashion. If an expert interpretation is needed, we are able to provide immediately feedback in a matter of hours. Make an Appointment Stuart, Florida 772-202-2013 Follow Us Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter


The care and treatment of patients is highly dependent on an accurate interpretation of imaging. Dr. Dombrowsky devotes his time and expertise to the study and interpretation of these images. Dr. Norbert Dombrosky advises referring physicians on the necessity and appropriateness of radiologic services and whether to select or to avoid certain diagnostic or clinical […]

Highly Recommended

Dr. Dombrowsky’s knowledge, experience and attention to detail is praised by professionals who have experienced his work first hand. Proimaging provides expert diagnostic film interpretations. They deliver objective, accuarate and credible findings that serve as a valuable tool for any physician’s practice. As a board certified chiropractic radiologist, Dr. Dombrowsky brings his specialized knowledge and […]

Board Certified

Dr. Norbert Dombrowsky is a specialist that provides consultation services at the request of other qualified doctors. He is a Board Certified Chiropractic radiologist, providing consultation in imaging. Dr. Dombrosky has been helping chiropractors across the country for decades and provides consultation outside of the United States as well. The quality of the consultative services […]

28 Years of Experience

Dr. Norbert Dombrowsky is chiropractic radiologist based in Stuart, Florida providing radiology solutions to chiropractic physician in the areas of teleradiology- digital plain, films, CT & MRI scans. In addition to his work as a practicing chiropractic radiologist, Dr. Dombrowsky has been Head of Radiology, for Chiropractic Medicine at Keiser University since 2018. He is […]