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Dr. Dombrowsky’s knowledge, experience and attention to detail is praised by professionals who have experienced his work first hand.

Proimaging provides expert diagnostic film interpretations. They deliver objective, accuarate and credible findings that serve as a valuable tool for any physician’s practice. As a board certified chiropractic radiologist, Dr. Dombrowsky brings his specialized knowledge and decades of experience to every case. In the courtroom, Dr. Dombrowsky is articulate, well spoken, and comes across as a believable and reliable expert witness. Proimaging has been an indispensable asset to our firm.’

Mark R. Pustaver, D.C. has been working with Dr. Dombrowsky for many years and this is what he has to say:

I have utilized Proimaging for many years now, and have been extremely pleased with the quality, thoroughness, and promptness of their service. In those cases with more immediate concern, Dr. Dombrowsky will expeditiously read the x-rays, render a report, and when indicated, he’ll offer recommendations for further evaluation. ProImaing is an important part of a practice providing the highest quality care possible, while also helping to reduce stress. Dr. Dombrosky has my strongest recommendation.

As a Chiropractic physician, Dr. Adam Lambda has appreciated the service Proimaging offered to his practice:

My experience with ProImaging has been only helpful and positive. Well worth the investment.

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