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Case 25-patient with neck discomfort

Patient presents with neck discomfort. No prior trauma, corticosteroid/opiod regimen or carcinoma is report. Prior neck surgery is noted.  What do you see? AP-LC VIEW Aortic knob & mid thoracic spondylosis is present. The closeup examination shows a vertical tubular mesh-like density adjacent to the left C1-2 facet joint. This is DACRON sleeve insertion into the […]

Case 24-patient with left wrist discomfort

Patient presents with left  wrist discomfort after a FOOSH type injury.  No prior surgeries,  carcinoma  or corticosteroid/opioid regimen reported. What do you see? PA VIEW OF LEFT WRIST A close up examination shows a horizontal radiolucency at the base of the left scaphoid. Degenerative change is seen at the distal portion of the radioscaphoid joint […]